ISL01: Arrived in Iceland

Yep, now I'm staying in Iceland.

My Friends!

We took flights from Bangkok and stop at Copenhagen then we fly with Icelandair to Kaflavik.
In SAS flight from BKK to CPH, I didn't have time for sleep, it was a difficult to sleep like that. Keng and I arrived CPH airport, we have 1 hour to change the flight. We ran to C3 and thought we were on time... Keng found the monitor that said STOCKHOLM. :( We ran again to B3 (the correct gate) that in another side of the airport. So when I was in Icelandair flight, I took a nap but I must wake up because it had a lot of AIR POCKETs!

Keflavik Airport
So when I arrived here, it was very very cold in the airport. We met AFS volunteers and took bags to car. When I was going out, I feel very very colder than inside! It was windy, they said the wind is from Greenland maybe menus temperature.

We waited for NOR guy about 4 hours then we went to camp. We went to walk and saw many things that different. The cars here haven't dirty air out. When we want to cross road, cars always stop and let people to walk first.

Ocean near the arrival camp

The camp was started when everybody arrived. Lots of games, learning activities and friends!