The Late 2016 Review

The Late 2016 Review

Happy new year, everyone! 2016 was quite a year for me and here is a post to record and appreciate all those memorable moments.


Chayen is a product I worked from January last year. It becomes the new flagship application for Volevi, and I proudly say about my involvement on some decisions and also the whole iOS app.


We got the idea of creating Chayen while we were playing Charades at the company's Christmas party and we couldn't find any decent Charades app in the App Store. Chayen has words categorized in to something we called 'Deck' which you can choose from many varieties, from anime to zoo! For now, we have our decks in Thai but we also have some in English as well. You can try the app for free at

Chayen is the proudest app I have ever made. And I hope it will continue growing and giving fun moments for every users :)

Leaving Volevi & Join Freelance Community

As I have written earlier in the blog about Leaving My First Job. This year, I decided to quit from Volevi and join Odd-e Thailand as a freelancer. Basically, I code for customer of the company and get paid in a daily basis. The best benefit of being the freelancer here is that people here are very talented in what they are doing. They constantly seeks for better ways to improve processes of crafting softwares. I hope I can get some of their awesome behaviors and habits to become a better programmer.

by Twin Panichsombat

Trust Me I Have Watched It

Yes, it is quite a long name for a Facebook page. My friends and I have launched this page to review movies we watch and talk about anything in movie circles.

We started it as a hobby that we didn't expected there would be this much crowd following us up. We have tried posting some facts about real incidents in the movie, we have filmed a 20-minute-long movie review program on YouTube, and we even subbed some trailers to Thai! I don't know which directions we will go, but we will certainly try as many things as we can imagine.

I've tried to runaway from any graphical tasks for... well, almost all my life, because of this page, I am starting to learn some Photoshop stuffs. It really cheers my weekends up :)

Driving to Work

I have to admit that I never thought about driving to work everyday like this. Everyday being stressful on the road of Bangkok, which is one of the most traffic-congested cities in the world, is really not my thing. Plus, poor Bangkokians' driving style is just so desperate. But believe it or not, I have been driving to work for 7 months. The main reason would be my picky choice of living which is opposed by my budget for housing. The second reason is my parents want everyone to stay home, quite normal for the culture here.

I sometimes cannot stand traffic and those bad manners of people behind the wheels and declare to self that I will give up those picky criteria and just rent some place out.

Well, you see, I'm still unable to rent somewhere. 😂

At least, the traffic gives me one true knowledge. The truth that there is something that cannot be changed even you try so hard to resist it. Like, when the traffic is really bad and I will definitely be late for work.

2016 Special Thanks

  • Volevi for having me for almost a year and gave me the opportunity to work on Chayen, one of my greatest mobile application so far
  • P' {Tum, Roof, Jane} who let me work along side them in Odd-e and teach me so much things about this wide software development world
  • Oak, my startup partner, who dare to dream so many crazy things together. We had too few works last year and I'm sorry for that. I hope we learn to fail and success this coming year
  • P'Puhn for helping and understanding me about many things in the 2016
  • My EGCO friends to organize many fun dinners and trips. I couldn't have the happy year without you guys :)

2017 Goals

  • Be back in Iceland -> this might get delayed according to my friend's and mine financial situations, but I am still being optimistic that I can make it this year
  • 1+ Posts -> I want to update this blog more frequent. A blog per month sounds great but I can do better

I cannot think of any more goals right now. I hope I'll be back and add some later.

Happy 2017 and bye for now!

Banner image (EGCO22 Meeting) by Rawipol Wajanavisit