What If Your Younger Self Meet You Today

What If Your Younger Self Meet You Today

[Spoiler Alert: Fanday]

At the first week camp of AFS Iceland, I wrote two letters, letters to my future self which would be delivered between and at the end of the exchange year.

They were good experiences, seeing how naive and how full-of-happiness I was. I did cry, smile and laugh mixing all emotional feelings all down to the last letter of those letters. But I've ignored how greatness this writing-to-future act was.

Until I watch Fanday.

The main character temporarily lost her last 4 years memories and her one-sided creepy follower/lover lied to her that they were couples. But when she found the truth about it, she demanded all the truths. Now she knew about her "future" self being a mistress of her own boss.

It is like time-traveling to the future and seeing how failure you will be, seeing how much have you changed because of time and situations.

What would your younger self speak to you today?
What would my younger self speak to me right now?

He might be happy seeing how much I have come this far.
He might be mad that I haven't even tried to start some companies.
He might be disappointed that I still don't have a girlfriend.

I really have no idea, but it's fun to think about it though.

And maybe, maybe it is a good idea to start recording or writing to you own self in the future. It will be fun, I promise.

Banner image by qimono - CC0