ISL02: First Trip

Last week, my host family drove me to the Nesjavellir that is the Geothermal Power plant.

Power Plant

The Geothermal Power uses hot water/stream from the edges of plates. They dig holes deep 2 kilometers to take hot water/stream to generating electricity.
After that, hot stream meets with cold water from the lake near the site, makes it colder about 83 degrees and send to cities.

Then, we went to the oldest parliament in the world, Alþingi. Near there, there are the canyons of the two plates of the world. Pabbi told me, Somebody says, this is America and this is Europe.


We went to the Geysir. It was the born of the word, geyser. But now, Geysir isn't active anymore. I saw a geyser near Geysir.

Geyser near Geysir

We rested in a pine forest, had a lunch there. It was a first time to try lamb. There was smoking-lamb in my sandwich. I think, it´s tasty!

Finally, we went to a Gullfoss. Here was very cold and windy... I felt not good when I stood on the top of the rock on waterfall. Pabbi and I took some photos before we went back home. it took one hour and a half.

On last Monday, I've been to the school first time. It's Verzlo. I'm trying to make friends and understand Icelandic.

Sorry to my bad English. I try to use English on this blog because my host family can read it too. My host family is very nice to me. >_