ISL03: One Month In Iceland


Today is complete one month in Iceland now. It's very very fast. I think the day I've left Thailand was yesterday for me. So this entry, I will tell you about my feeling and my experience.

First with my hosting family, they are very nice to me. My sister usually invites me to join her activities. My brother always walks to me and smile... (I think he's shy to speak with me.) My Mamma and Pabbi teach me a lot about Iceland vocabularies. They try to understand my bad English and talk to me when I don't have anything to do. It was the big worry for me about host family before I came here. But now I'm not.

About my school, Verzlo, it's great place. My friends try to speak to me, I'm trying to speak more with them too. Lessons make me sleepy sometime because I don't know what they're talking about. My favorites are English, Computer and Maths. I can understand a little of them. In here, PE is very difficult for me. Running around school... Football lesson... But I agreed it make me healthy.

Food!!! Icelanders have Italian, Chinese and more. My family loves to have Italian, Mexican, Icelandic and some of noodles! I can eat them, some of them are delicious for me. Icelanders have (I think) 5 meals. Breakfast, between BF and Lunch, Lunch, before dinner and dinner. But I'm not fat... My weight is abate while I eat more. Maybe about the weather here that have to build body always warm and about I have to walk everyday.

To be here, I have a lot of things I have learnt, I can speak English with each others more brave! I can get up by myself Hahaha. I can manage about clothes, about my room and my life. In here buses are very comfortable and on-time. I can go to everywhere in Reykjavik by bus and my bus map. I learn a lot about the different culture... about how to be in the other culture.

Everything here is expensive!!! I've sent postcard to my family and my friends... Hope you get them soon!

PS. MAMA, the noodle.... I have had it!