ISL04: My Second Trip, Six Week Camp and It's Snowing!!!

My pabbi drove us to the southwest of Iceland. First, we've been to Grindavik. It's a fishing town. Here there are a lot of fishing boats. Then, we went to Reykjanesviti, the first lighthouse in Iceland. It was very very very windy and I saw the sea is very mad. Sure, wind took a cold air, I didn't prepare before so my tear was out without my control.


My Pabbi tried to take a photo of meAfter that, we've been to Reykjanes where the first chasm between North American and European plate happened on the earth.(means not think about in the sea) I crossed between two plates let me proud to be in America and Europe in the same time. LOLMy pabbi and mamma were on the bridge between two plates

We went to Keflavik[pronouns in KE-BLA-VIK] for swimming and took pabbi's cousin, Nam Fon[น้ำฝน]. She is a half Icelandic-Thai. So, she can speak Thai pretty nice.

Finally before back home, we've been to Natural Museum near Keflavik.(I can't remember name of this place)

Micah was catching puffin

Wheel tooth

Back home, finish the trip!!!

Six week camp is the AFS camp for adaptation in Icelandic society. This year, we've been to the old USA army base, Naval Air Station Keflavik [NAS]. Different from Arrival Camp is every joined together, didn't like Arrival Camp in the group of their countries. There were fun about activities and games that we had.
From left, ME(Thailand), Burak(Turkey), Andrea(Italy), Lennert(Belgium) and Colin(USA)First time of my life to see snow... It was last Sunday.Just snowing, I looked like a crazy man who ran around the house and looked behind windows. But just snowing, I had a lot of thinking...

  • I'm in Iceland now for sure!
  • I've known, AFS have been changing me from the negative thinker to positive thinker. I always think every bads around my life here, they're great experience that I cannot have in Thailand.
  • I thought, if I'm still afraid and not come to Iceland. I'll not have international friends who from America, Turkey, France and etc. Who can think, I'll use my suck English to communicate with foreigners like this!
  • Sure! My family, teachers and friends here are very nice. Made me thought back, I won't know these people if I was still in Thailand.