ISL05: Imagine Peace Tower

Imagine Peace Tower is a light tower. Yes, it is made by lighting.

John Lennon's birthday was coming. Imagine Peace Tower 'turn on' and on til 3 NOV. My friends and I took the free ferry from Reykjavik to Viðey, the island that has this tower. It was a short distance but I got a little bit sea sick.

This chapter will let you know story by photos. (because, I"m lazy boy. LOL)
OH! Sorry about my bad bad photos, I just used my compact camera to take all of this in the night of windy.


All of the Imagine Peace Tower

My pabbi likes this photos

From Left: Rafael(Brazil), Me(Thailand), Moris and Andrea(Italy)

Inside the tent

I take my tag that was wrote by me, หอสันติจิตนา. I'm not good in Thai. Just made it sound great LOL

OnoChord, I got inside the tent
The Imagine Peace Tower is in Iceland. Because Iceland is generating electricity by HydroPower and GeothermalPower. They're very green power!

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