ISL06: Winter Break

For Thai people, I'm sure you don't know Winter Break. Because, we don't have it! Winter Break is the break for winter is coming. For my family, we had plan to go to the north of Iceland, little town called, Ólafsfjörður. This town is my mother hometown.

My pabbi and I drove from Reykjavik to there, it took 5 or 6 hours. We passed the tunnel under the sea and drove on the mountain. The mobile phone networking worked great, It still has signal everywhere, also with radio station. We arrived there before midnight.

When I've woke up, I looked outside passed my room's window. The mountains surround this town, very very beautiful!


I found, my mother in Thailand will like the place likes this, silent, cold and she also hold her favorite book, sit on the comfortable armchair, read her book. I did it too. I've took Sue Townsend's Adrian Mole and the Weapons of Mass Destruction. I read it and love it! When I backed to Thailand, I should buy all of this series in English.

My family drove to Dalvík and Akureyri, we went to Goðafoss, means a waterfall of the Gods, why? I don't know. :)


Then, we went to Námafjall. It's a high temperature area with fumaroles and mud pots, very colorful but very bad smell.


After that, we've been to Christmas house when is Christmas all year. It's a shop about Christmas.

I was dropped in Akureyri's Downtown to meet my exchange student friends, Mathieu(Frence), Matteo(Switzerland), Viola(Italy) and Lies(Belgium). We talked talked talked talked. Hinrik (was an exchange student to Thailand) took us to Christmas house again, took some photos and sightseeing around Akureyri.


We stayed there five days. Bye-bye Ólafsfjörður!
How cute is her. Her name is Lýra. She is our lovely dog.
Next article, I will introduce the big church that is in the center of Reykjavik, Hallgrímskirkja. :)