ISL09: Christmas and New Year

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!Gleðileg jól og gleðilegt nýtt ár!สุขสันต์วันคริสต์มาส และสวัสดีปีใหม่ครับ!

Likes you know, this year I've celebrated Christmas first in my life. Because Thailand doesn't have Christmas day. (We have but it's not important at all.) So, I didn't know how it is, what I have to do in Christmas day.

For rest of you who don't know what is Christmas, how important.

Christmas is commemoration of the birth of Jesus Christ, the founder of religious, Christ. Christians decorate home, have Christmas trees. Including giving Christmas card or presents.
Icelandic has thirteen Santa Clauses. They start to give children presents in twelfth of December and go on until twenty-forth of December. In twenty-forth of December, children must give him(the last Santa) a candle that normally he steals from children. Icelandic Santa Clauses base on Yule Lads. You can find their names and meanings in the hyperlink by Wikipedia.

I had chance to join my family to the church that have had the Christmas event. Let's see some photo from my camera.

[![Inside the church, singing songs]( "image_1")](
Inside the church, singing songs
[![Dancing around Christmas tree]( "image_2")](
Dancing around Christmas tree
Another traditional Icelandic, Laufabrauð. I also did it(well just did some decorations).
[![Laufabrauð]( "image_4")](
Laufabrauð looks like them. ;D
[![]( "image_3")](
My aunt with my brother
[![]( "image_5")](
Empty Icelandic chocolate box, AFS á Ísland
My brothers and I decorated our Christmas tree.
[![Our Christmas tree, before]( "image_6")](
Christmas tree, before
[![]( "image_7")](
Christmas tree, after
Then, time for Christmas Eve dinner was coming. We wear the formal suit and had dinner together with my grandparents. This meal was very special.
[![]( "image_8")](
My amma with my brother... Christmas Eve's special meal
[![]( "image_9")](
Rubert, parrot from Great Britain, became our new pet in Christmas Eve's night, the presents from my parents to our family.
Sure, in Christmas Eve's night, we were starting to unpack a lot of presents. I got two books about Iceland from my family and my grandparents those have beautiful photos.(Luckily not the same) Pair of groves, cap from wool and one interested book from my grandparents. Big box of Icelandic chocolate was from my grandparents also. (how many grandparents I have? LOL) My first men perfume was given by my another family. Some card games, music cd, and others! Thanks for everyone who gave me special gifts!

New Year Eve is another important day in Iceland also. They burn to build huge bonfire and have a lot of firework in the sky!

[![]( "image_10")](
bonfire was taken by my compact camera...
[![]( "image_11")](
See how huge it is!
We had a good time together with our family's friend's family. We have been to the hill near our home, looked at fireworks around Reykjanesbær and also a little spot from Reykjavik. Check my video, shoot on 00.04, 1/1/2010 Finally, thanks everybody who read my blog for last year. Hope you still read my blog all this year XD ThanksTakkขอบคุณครับ

PS.someone wants my photo, this was taken by my pabbi. My first Christmas gift...(in my life??)