ISL10: Birthday Party

It's seventeen years old now for my life. I just wondered, did I do anything great for my parent? for this world? My pabbi told me, Birthday is the day you cerebrate a happiness of life and happiness to be born.  I guess, my birth is make people who know me has something special, ex-ordinary, cannot happened without me. :)

Before I've heard this, I often think, this is just a day we spend money on it. The birthday party is something people in Thailand do just for trend. But I have faced another kind of birthday party. The party, I cannot forgot all of my life.

For Icelandic culture(I think, for every western cultures) the birthday party is very important. It's the day you can count your aunts, uncles and cousin. They will come to yours, say Happy Birthday! My party also was, they were coming, gave me presents. I'm very happy, they came. I'm very happy, my mamma prepared my party for a long time.

They also gave me a big surprise. They were planning to call my friend, Keng who live in Reykjavík and their friends who are Thai. They came to cook a big Thai lunch for me. Including, Tom-Yom, Lab, fried egg noodle, dipped fried pork-ball, Shu-Shee fish and Pad Prik. I didn't think, their presents were this! Of cause, I enjoyed my meals. (nearly cried with happiness tears)

[![]( "image_1")](
The family's friends who are Thai. They're preparing my big surprise.
[![]( "image_3")](
How good the food are!
Pabbi, Mamma, Sóley and Míkæl, my ex-host family also came to this party. I'm very happy to see them again. But we didn't have too much time to talk. My firends, Moris, Andrea, Heidar and Keng came to my party. We played a lot of stuffs together.
[![]( "image_8")](
Andrea, Moris(Italy), Heiðar(Iceland), Keng(Thailand)
[![]( "image_6")](
Cake and candles are ready to blow!
The time was coming, time for cake, I was very exiting about this. In Thailand, we just spend this time for family, just father, mother and siblings. But, this year with a lot of people were looking at me! The cake was very delicious!
[![]( "image_4")](
Who is that!?
[![]( "image_7")](
That's me...
Thanks for everyone who joined the party... This was my wonderful birthday party I've ever had!
[![]( "image_5")](
Yeah, they're watching me
> Thanks to my parents who have given me born... who always teach me... who always take care me... who always love me. > >
[![]( "image_2")](
Serventeen Thai boy is smiling for everyone who make he is he until the present today.