ISL11: Þorramatur + Klettur's Camp

Do you know about Þorri? It's one month of Icelandic ancient people. This time of every years were the hardest time to find something to eat. So, they had to eat something unusually. Sheep's heads, sheep's balls, shark and more, call them, Þorramatur. I cannot bring the taste for you or some smells. But just imagine, Hákarl is smell like pee. (much uric I've ever had in my life) The sheep's balls, blood sausages, liver sausages are smell like something very very sour and the taste also. I think, because they had to keep them with something to make them can keep longer. (maybe fermentation)

But this is just a culture to eat this once per year, to have in mind about how difficult ancient Icelanders were faced in. See some pictures...

[![]( "image_2")](
Smoked lamp for flat cake and Hákarl
"Flat cake" is direct translation for Flatkaka some bakery likes Kleinur. The meal is ready! Last weekend, I had a great opportunity to join a camp of finding team, The Youth Rescue Team in Reykjanesbær, KLETTUR. We have been to the training center near Gufuskálar. There are the highest human-made structure in Iceland. It was the highest human-made structure in Europe also.
[![]( "image_9")](
Left hand, Longwave radio mast Hellissandur, 412 m, 1963
[![]( "image_11")](
Old oil or water tank, the exit of tunnel
[![]( "image_12")](
inside cafeteria
I had challenged myself by going up to the 15-meter tower and went down by the rope. Unfortunately, it was so bad weather, I cannot use my camera to take photo that time.
[![]( "image_13")](
The 15-meter tower, I have climbed up.
[![]( "image_17")](
Little snow, before we were leaving
It was fun. I got a lot of friends from the camp. And also I was very tried after I've backed. Tomorrow is a completed 6 months day in Iceland. :) Ég tala bara smá Íslensku. Ég er að læra það!