ISL12: AFS Cultural Weekend Camp

Hi! Time is passing very fast. Now it's more than seven months in Iceland.

[![]( "image_2")](
In front of President of Iceland's House
Well, AFS in Iceland has held the camp for AFS exchange students named, Cultural Weekend. It was the first time since "Six Week Camp" [from [ISL04: My Second Trip, Six Week Camp and It’s Snowing!!!]( "Permanent Link: ISL04: My Second Trip, Six Week Camp and It’s Snowing!!!")] everyone was met together again.

We have been in the Icelandic President House. We were greeted by President of Iceland [Ólafur Ragnar Grímsson] Talked and took some photos together. before we were looking around this house. This photo in the left hand of everyone was taken by volunteer of AFS á Íslandi, copyright,

I also had chance to take a photo with the president and his desk and so on in this house. See the photo below.

[![AFS á Íslandi 2009-2010]( "AFSers in Iceland 2009-2010 with President of Iceland")](
AFSers in Iceland 2009-2010 with President of Iceland 
[![]( "image5")](
the President of Iceland and I
[![]( "image_6")](
I am sitting in his desk!
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From Left: Me, Andrea(Italy) and Antonia(Germany)
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From Left: Angie(Germany), Antonia(Germany), Yulian(Argentina), Mathieu(France), Andrea(Italy) and Me
[![]( "image_7")](
Polar Bear's skin, present from Greenland to the President of Iceland 
Then we head to the Snæfellsnes, one peninsula before Westland of Iceland. We had accommodation at Lýsuhólskóli. Then we traveled around this area together.
  1. Arnarstapi where is a beautiful place with birds and puffins.
  2. Djúpalónssandur where has three rocks, related with Icelandic believe if you can lift them up you can be a fisherman, bigger is better. And a black beach with some ruin of boat.
  3. Ólafsvík
  4. Bjarnarhöfn where are a lamb farm and museum. They also do Hákarl, the shark meat, Icelandic traditional food. I ate here the second time, this is better than I have tried!
  5. Helgafell where is a hill (or mountain) The guide said if we hike up there with silent and looking back. Be on top, look at West and wish three wishes. Hike down with the same as hike up. Your wishes may be come true.
  6. Ölkelda where has a mineral water. Drink and 'Forever Young!'
    Some summer house in Árnastapi
    A lot of birds have nests here!
[![]( "image_10")](
This is my favourite photo. Burak, my friend who comes from Turkey, he inspired me.
[![]( "image_11")](
Djúpalónssandur, the path lies down to the beach
[![]( "image_12")](
Icelandic sheep
[![]( "image_13")](
Hanging shark's meat... They're tranfering to Hákarl
I was too lazy to write more, sorry. I will write more about Easter: Páska in Iceland next time soon! :D See ya!: Sjáumst! >
[![]( "image_1")](
I was taken photo with the volcano near Eyjafjallajokull. This photo was taken by Stefán Árni Stefánsson,