ISL13: Easter

Since I have heard about Easter. I was not idea what it is. Because Thailand is a Buddhist and we study some of Christian also but honestly, I forgot it or never interested in it.

Well, Easter is the day of Jesus' gone. I mean not the day he was hanged but two days after that.

In Easter Day, European countries like Iceland. We have Easter Egg for children... or everyone. Our family 'had' one huge egg, we shared it together. There was my first chocolate egg. I ate and ate and ate. I am starting to bored chocolate now. q:

[![]( "image_1")](
The size of our egg...
Our egg has a hole to take candies from inside off first.
[![]( "image_2")](
Ísak and Sölvi are trying to take the candies from inside.
We're enjoying to eat candies and chocolate egg!!!
[![]( "image_3")](

Happy EasterGleðilega Páskaสุขสันต์วันอีสเตอร์