ISL14: Mývatn in the First Day of 'súmar'

The first day of Summer(súmardagurinn fyrsti) is the holiday in Iceland. It is on April 18 for 2010. This year my family designed to visit their friend, Linda. She is living and working in Mývatn. Mý means a midge and vatn means water. By my friend at school told me (that I cannot surely believe) Mývatn has a lot of midge in summer time. It is a huge lake in the north-east of Iceland.

From our home, we used around six-seven hours for driving. We passed Borganes, Akureyri and then we arrived. Linda rents the house in the north of Mývatn. We didn't do anything on the day we arrived, tired and sleepy.

[![]( "image_1")](
I took this photo in front of Linda's. Such a wonderful day!
[![]( "image_3")](
Hverfjall eða Hverfell, this is a strange mountain, isn't it?
Next morning, I walked outside with... snow!!! This is the first day of summer in Iceland. We did say, Gleðileg súmar! for happy summer. (sound like Icelanders love summer. Unfortunately, Thai people don't. q: ) But I hadn't seen a lot of snow liked this for a long time. Afternoon, we went to Dimmuborgir, the large area of lava rocks those form in particular ways. They believe, this area is the place of Icelandic Santa Clauses. Children can found them are busy around, if they visit here around Christmas time.
[![]( "image_2")](
This is not a beautiful one. :/
We were continue to Víti. It is the crater of the volcano. Well, we went there in the 'winter time' so, we saw nothing except much much snow. The sun was shining, I couldn't open my eye because the snow reflected the sun also!
[![]( "image_4")](
Linda and my family
[![]( "image_6")](
see how much snow around here... Ísak, my brother, is playing snow
[![]( "image_7")](
It was too bright!!!!! (I was trying to smile while closing my eyes!)
[![]( "image_5")](
Mix... need any caption?
We went to Goðafoss, the place I have been in Winter Break [From '[ISL06: Winter Break](']. But I don't know, this time it was more beautiful than last time. And yes, the way to Mývatn made me think about Iceland, natural, mountains, rivers, snow and a lot of things. Those are very beautiful, wonderful! I haven't noticed this much until my last two months in Iceland!
[![]( "image_8")](
Góðafoss, Pabbi, Sölvi and me
Next day, we visited Húsavík, the town in the north of Mývatn. Whale is very attractive for this town. Whale museum, whale watching and bla bla. But the most interesting, there is one interested museum there. It is about...
[![]( "image_11")](
errrrrrr... it is alike something...
YES! It is a Icelandic Phallological Museum or for understanding... Icelandic PENIS Museum. They have lots of penises of animals and something about penis, penis pasta, something for penis muscular etc.
[![]( "image_10")](
Hið Íslenska Reðasafn, the Icelandic Phallological Museum
[![]( "image_12")](
Can you believe what it is?!?!
We spent our great time in there. It was a good memory of Iceland for me. :) After our trip, we visited my mamma's cousin and her boyfriend. Her boyfriend owns a farm in the northern part of Iceland. Sorry, I cannot remember the name of the place. But there were sixteen of little lambs! You have to see them, very very cute!
[![]( "image_14")](
CUTE!!! Isn't he? xD
He, the farm owner, was cutting the elder sheep, so I just looked around and I met my cousin. She helped me to hold the lamb and took some photos. This is the best one. :P Then, she asked me if I have been in the horseback, sure, I haven't ever. She asked when I would return to Thailand, that is around June. After we had a break with cake and some cookies. She and her mother's boyfriend brought back two horses! Icelandic horses! Likes you know, they are alike ponies, they are short and small. But I can say they are very strong.

They set me up and let me try the horse. I was moving with animal... very fun! I could control them to run fast, to turn... It was my new experience.

[![]( "image_15")](
the misfortune black lamb on the scary boy's hands
[![]( "image_16")](
They said, I looked not afraid on the horseback, liked have tried already (I was quite very afraid!!!) 
Thanks to my family and Linda for this wonderful trip. Thanks to Eygló, my cousin, Kiddý and her boyfriend for the lambs and horses!

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