ISL15: Thanks and Goodbye Iceland

Now it is time, I'm leaving this Sunday, 27 June 2010 from Iceland. After I have the duties, to learn Icelandic culture, and spread Thai culture.

Well, since I was born. I never have in my mind before about going aboard or be exchange student. My family, we are not rich and maybe poor to go travel around the world. But my brother and I did go to Singapore for a week, when we were thirteen. And now I'm in Iceland almost ten months.

My story was begun by my friend at school, Big, now he is exchange student YFU in USA. He is my best friend and he really wanted to be exchange student. Just like I told you, I haven't thought about it. He just needed me to be his friend to my teacher, asked for an apply application. I was there... outside the room. But my teacher, she (almost) forced me to take the AFS application also. When I arrived home, I told this happen to my mom. She wanted me to go the exam. Now, here I am.

Almost a year of my AFS year in Iceland, I know more a lot of things:

  1. Best of all, I know more about myself. Myself that I was living with it for sixteen years, but just this one year here, I know more than that. I know, I'm a lazy boy who always delay my works. I'm a honest boy, at least more than I thought. I'm starting to know, sports aren't that bad. I'm trying some; hiking, cycling or walking those fit to me. I'm getting to know, may be I'm suitable for something else, something not just Science or Medicine. I know, how important is the word, family.
  2. I know, how much my parents love me, my brother and my sister love me. Also how much I love them.
  3. I couldn't believe, it was possible, but it is. Love bonds between someone who you never talk, never hug or never kiss before. But now, I do, and I will really miss my family... my HOST families.
    Thank You
  • AFS; without this organization how could I have this wonderful year!?
  • My parents; who spend their money for this son.
  • My host families; Óddny&Guðmar for their first warm hug! | Guðmunda&Stefán for our warm, kind, crazy 'HOME'! | Sóley for Icelandic culture, knowledge teenager | Mikæl for his silent love | Ísak for his great-hearted | Sölvi for his unbelievable and unforgettable crying! | Bergur Ingi for his smiles and his 'Bix' word xD
  • All of my AFS friends; I learned many cultures. I learned to speak 'better' English. I learned more about myself from you, guys.
  • All of my Icelandic friends; well not many but I have. Thanks for their open-minded. :D
  • My Contact Persons, Ólöf Guðný, my first contact person, best Icelandic pancake cooker I've ever know. And Lára, her daughter. Hanna, my second contact person, it is always fun to talk about Thailand to her. And Heiðar, her son.
  • Icelanders
  • ICELAND; beautiful nature, kind people and (some) scary foods
    I still have many things in my mind to write about Iceland. Some are in my diary. But for now I need to say Thanks and Goodbye Iceland...