ISL16: Missing Iceland

After a week of leaving Iceland. I have noticed a lot of things those have in Iceland, not Thailand. Here they are, the lists of things I'm missing.

  • Ostur! = Cheese! - very expensive and very bad taste here. Now I understand Wallace's feeling. :{
  • My little breakfast and lunch - In Thailand they eat the way too much!
  • Cool weather - not too hot for walking around the town.
  • Few people - I'm starting to be bored with many people in Bangkok. = =
  • Free time - my Icelandic year was liked my summer holiday, here I need to study hard, special classes, exam, etc.
  • My big things - here, everything look smaller!
  • Many noises of my brothers - playing, crying, wondering, asking, teasing, treating...
  • FREEDOM - I could go everywhere I want by buses or walk. Here? No way! Difficult and under control by my parents!
    Iceland, Iceland, my lovely country...