WIHL: Time Is Really a Precious Treasure

Last night while I was tidying up my bedroom at home, I found many name tags that I weared from multiple camps and events. Half of them were from the time when I was a Google Student Ambassador in 2011. Some were from AFS camp, and three of them were from ClickCamp, the camp I was once a director.

Time really does fly...

Then I found my own diaries written when I was an exchange student in Iceland. I read half of them last night and found some of those days I couldn't ever believe it really happened because I cannot remember them.

Thinking about many moments in the past helps me realise about a lot of things. I was more optimistic, shier, kinder than I am now. What have changed me in these 4 - 5 years? I couldn't know.

One thing I learned from last night's reading hours was: time is really a precious treasure. How could me in the past write and record a lot of thing that happened in just a day? Should I be more consider about my life and my time? There should be more things to be done... more than these routine events of the day that make my time more special. Like it was in Iceland.