WIHL: Creating Branch Is Essential

WIHL: Creating Branch Is Essential

I have to admit that I am not so used to Git. I do follow some of its commands on how to checkout, commit, pull, and some basic stuffs. But I had zero knowledge on how and why Git is so essential. Thanks to my company's size, I am the only one who implements Swift and the only one who commits to Swift projects.

Last month, one of my co-worker told me about some company interviews he has been through. He suggested that we need to strictly use Git like there are multiple user commit in the same repo, even we are the only one in it.

After that, I create a new branch every time after the software is released and I want to work on new features.

And the time came when I was in the middle of designing and coding new feature for Giddylizer and we need to submit new version with some fixes. At first, I was thinking about how to hide those unfinished feature, fix the app, and release it. Then I realized, I can just move to the master branch, fix and release the app and I can just merge master to my ongoing branch later.

It was done in a few minutes, trouble free.

It should benefit more to multiple committer repo, but even in the solo dev repo, creating branches is extremely helpful and essential.