WIHL: Web Framework

Since I was a child playing with website, I somehow hated HTML and other UI elements. I hated it when I had to code something to match my imagination, because it never would do. I have changed in these few years but that would be a story for another time.

I decided before I finished my degree to continue my career in something not directly related to coding UI. (But now, I am iOS developer, how funny) Therefore, before I graduated, my friend and I created an application called PotatoJuice which notifies you when the gas price changes. At first, I implemented the mobile app API and the service to "sense" changes using Node.js and Express. At the moment, I had no idea what Express was.

Fast forward to yesterday, I want to learn more about backend application, so I contacted one of my friend who is an expert in this field and asked him what should I start. He advised me to start learning about web framework.

Web framework is a framework that takes care of difficulties of HTTP handling. There are some intensive ones that help you handle most of the situation and some lite ones that help only in specific tasks. So, the job you should implement after including any web framework is just building the application.

In my case, Express was the web framework and my backend application was meant to serve the mobile application data.

Wow. This knowledge helps me a lot!