WIHL: Always, Always, Test Before Ship

Today, I have the worst cinema experience ever! It shouldn't be that bad consider that we were in one of the biggest cinema in Thailand, Paragon Cineplex, and also in IMAX theatre with the price of 400 THB.

The film we were watching was Star Wars VII. We were in the cinema ready to watch, until two guys in front of us arrived and relaxingly bended their chairs until it hit my knees several times and the film hasn't even begun! I thought the problem was with these two guys. I kept complaining about that in my own mind until I also hit someone in the back. From the feeling of angry, annoying changed to ashamed. I contracted all of my body to not hitting whoever in the back and forcing both of my knees to resist the force from the front.

The thing is: lagroom was extremely small. And I don't understand how could they fit those chairs in. Have they ever tested those before finalized the design? OMG, if they have done that, they would have noticed the problem easily.

Always, always, test products before ship them...