A Review of 2015

A Review of 2015

Happy new year everyone!

Thanks for reading this blog in this special occasion. As you may know, I use this little space called blog as my diary, because I know from my experience that reading what you have thought in the past is ridiculously fun. So this post, I would like to note about 2015, one of the exciting year.


I have graduation from my university. Finished the degree with 3.44 GPAX was what I am so proud of, considering my first semester's GPA was only 2.54.

It was fun, studying in the university. I am starting to miss those moments. I studied hard... not because I wanted a good grade, but I wanted to prove my abilities in this field. The result surprised me. After that, I realized, it was one addiction of mine.

My grades!

Yes, I uploaded the photo because I want to show off and I don't think someone would read this anyway. So, why not? LOL

First Job at Volevi

I was so ambitious about start-ups, so I decided to join Volevi, a company of, I would say, my friend. The company was founded 3 years ago and focusing in creating mobile applications.

It was tough for me at first to learn frontend stuffs that I have always denied to dive into it. In those 6 months, I have learnt Swift and its friends, creating Tapidemic, Giddylizer, and more to be released. It is such a great opportunity.

Giddylizer iOS

Travel - USA

It was like a dream to me when my boss offered to pay upfront for my trip because he wanted to have some company in a trip.

Me at Boston

I have been to Boston, New York, and Washington DC. (The last part was my idea, obviously) I have learnt a lot about this country. It was a whole new experience and, of course, a big debt to be paid. But, I am optimistic about it. If I pay all my debt, I will save more to travel to more places. Who knows when will we die, better see around before the time comes. :)

Having Roommates

Since I was in high school, I have never had a chance to living in dorm before. After graduation, two of my friends and I rented out a two-bedroom suite to be our, so called, home.

I thought I would have had many problems. Because I'm so picky in many topics. Well... someone who's close to me have to know. Last time I lived with my friends for two months was a disaster. But this time, it went so well! We barely have a fight.

So, it is a big step in my social life, I guess?

2015 Special Thanks

  • My family to let me decide what I want to do after my graduation
  • My two roommates who can bear my picky habits in almost every situations
  • Volevi to let me in and explore this new field I never thought I would have tried and, of course, its owner, to take me with him in the US trip
  • Professors at Mahidol U especially, Dr. Ruj, to be exceedingly helpful, giving both academic and personal advices
  • My friends! who made the year so lively... without you guys it would have been a boring year