WIHL: Sitting in the Other Bench

WIHL: Sitting in the Other Bench

It has been 6 months working at Volevi and also 6 months being a public transport commuter. My routine would be like this: taking BTS, our skytrain network, then taking "Songthaew" to my workplace.

Songthaew is a pick-up truck adapted for transporting people, mostly used in Bangkok to commute between old messy small streets. Its name literally means two benches, because it equips two benches along either sides.

I normally sit on a right side bench. My hypothesis of why a right side bench is not often fully filled is: the Sun. This route runs toward the Southeast, so people might know and avoid right bench.

So, sitting in the sunlight? not my problem. It's just a few minutes. But today, the left bench was left untaken and unbalanced (more people on the right one), so I took it. I thought it would be the same as usual, but I noticed one big difference.

There were many stores along the route I've never been aware of, something unseen.

But yes, it might be that today I was more focus on things around than usual, but I do know almost all places on the left side, other side of the street, and I knew so less about another.

It maybe a good idea to look at other perspectives... like sitting in the other bench of Songthaew.

Songthaew image by Philipp L. Wesche - CC BY-SA 2.5 License