WIHL: Dedication At Its Finest

WIHL: Dedication At Its Finest

Close by my office, there is a food cart selling roast bananas, Thai easy-to-prepared snack. The cart is operated by a "grandma" around her 70s or 80s.

I have hated those roast bananas for a long time, they are too sweet because of syrup dressing. But I haven't known that there is also the non-syrup version too. So, when my friend brought me this version of banana, I tried it out and fall in love with it.

From that day on, I am a royal customer of grandma's, because she is the closest one and because her dedication to her products. Here are some details of her dedication.

  • She carefully peels bananas

  • She controls her coal-fueled fire to heat slowly, not rushly done

  • She always asks how hard banana I want to have

  • She gently checks bananas to see if they meet my need

  • She denies to sell her products when they are not ready

  • She picks and stacks those bananas and lift them dedicately to plastic bag

  • Lastly, she says "thank you" politely when purchases are finished

Grandma's way of dealing business is so touched to customers like me and her dedication to products is just... finest.