This Comfortable Life Should Stop!

Last month, I was creating a resume applying for Google and found my timeline for creating products stuck when I joined Volevi.

Oakraw and I, we have a dream creating tech company in Thailand. But we hadn't been working together before at the time. So, we created PotatoJuice as our POC for our compatibility. It should be around mid-to-late 2014 and then we continued with Moyes project which has been discontinued by me later that year. I rewrote PotatoJuice's backend all over again in early 2015 using Google Cloud instead of Node.js. That was it. I had zero things done after that. One explanation would be being busy with my senior project and some subject assignments.

Even I have done quite a few iOS projects with Volevi for last 8 months, I think it is not enough.

It's time. Stop being lazy and do something, now.

This week, I will be back in my form again. We will develop new projects, tech and more. This post is the promise to myself and if I fail to achieve that, I should feel ashamed!