WIHL: Getting Jobs Done Is Not Enough

I have been this type of man since I was so little. The type of man who gets things done but without a good fundamental knowledge or a deep understanding in them.

Today, I was interviewed by senior iOS developers from another company about my works at the current place I am working in. And I couldn't answer some of their questions. Questions that I should have known.

Good programmers (well, I think every occupations should too) understand deeply on things they working on, so they can predict or realise every possible scenarios.

My background is, I never developed iOS before, I actually haven't owned a serious iOS device yet, just one old iPod touch to test. I joined the company and taught myself Swift and iOS development... alone without mentors. So far, I finished 3 apps and another one should be done this week, all this in almost 9 months.

I get the job done... a bit slower than other skilled developers but fast as a starter, I guess.

I somehow addict to those feeling of making things done and smoothly run but without basic understanding on them. It will eventually be difficult for me to climb higher in the learning curve. Or in the other way, I am responsible for making my own curve flatten, more complicated to learn more.

I should have finished those online courses before getting bored and start things on my own.