What I Watch on YouTube Everyday: News

What I Watch on YouTube Everyday: News

The title says it all! I have been using YouTube daily for many years and I would like to share you my top channels I watch every day.

Today topic is: News


AJ+ is one of Al Jazeera Media Network, very active uploaders, short and informative, easy to watch.

They upload several videos almost every weekdays. The only downside here is some videos may not be narrated, so you need to focus and read them.


TestTube's hosts have very clear English. It means for non-native English speaker like me, it is easy to listen to. Many topics are not directly current situations, but in-depths or stories behind news. TestTube is owned by Discovery Digital News Network which also has an awesome science channel named DNews.

TestTube uploads around a video per one weekdays.


Vox has the most beautiful way to create videos compared to other 'news' channel. I have to put news inside quotes because they produce a wide range of videos. The first time I found this channel, I couldn't stop watching those 'Up Next' videos from them. You have to watch this channel to understand how creative they are.

There are a lot of interesting channels out there. Next time I will share you more about channels in other topics.