The Reason to Be Immortal

The Reason to Be Immortal

We have seen many immortal characters through movies. When I was a child, the reason I want to live longer than I will do, it's fearing of the afterlife. Because my little scientist brain always tells me that there is no other side. There is just an unconsciousness, feeling or sensing nothing, thinking of nothing.

The idea is so terrified to think of. But when I am getting older, I feel that, if I will be in an extremely painful condition, dying maybe a better choice.

Last night, I was reading some Facebook posts of my friends, talking about AlphaGo taking over the world, computers are extremely dangerous, it even overthrows humans in complex games.

Yes, machine learning is growing and it will learn and conduce a lot of complicated thoughts in the near future. But right now, machines are doing great at what they're trained for... not EVERYTHING. They wouldn't think about their our wants if we don't input their objectives in the first place.

But when it will be good enough? Is it possible for them to have their own consciousness? Actually, it shouldn't be about possibility of this thing. I should ask 'when'. Because I believe we, humans, can accomplish that in the future.

But when?

Am I gonna be alive at the time this happens?
Am I gonna see humans living in the Mars?
Am I gonna see humans traveling through multiple galaxies?

I couldn't sleep well because of those excitement thinking about them, futuristic events in my imaginations. I hope I could be someone who can accelerate those dreams to become realities. Or I could just be... immortal.

Banner image by geralt - CC0