Guilty Talks

Guilty Talks

I am a type of a guy who loves debating. Most of the time, I hold debating or correcting voice inside of my mind because it may be rude to talk to everyone about every topics, right? But the funny part is: the level of how much I debate or correct someone related to how much I care, how much I feel comfortable, how much I want to have a conversation with someone based on my observations.

It might be because I was growing with my twin brother. Trust me, the childhood was a bit unusual, and we have had many fights over the most tiniest issues. A day without a fight would be such a blessed one for my parents. So, my dad usually came up while we were fighting and told us to stop arguing about such little things. But we couldn't. Thus we ended up being more reasonable, still fighting, but using more informative information, and trying to convince each other.

I might not be such a great convincer as my brother, but I somehow addict to have a brainy, energetic talks about others' views even I might look and sound serious.

You might wonder why I want to share this story with you. The truth is: today I had a fight with my dad, a political one. And he, once again, like I was a child, told me to stop arguing about it.

The pain was, he is one of two people I love talking politics to, because both my mom and my dad introduced me to politics and now I wanted to share to them what young people think about the topic too.

I have to admit that I was a bit across the line. My choices of choosing some words before and after his sentence were too idiot.

My brother told me later that even he totally agreed with me, but I should care more about how listeners take my words emotionally. Plus, last week, I was taught about what is NVC - Nonviolent Communication and how to have that in daily life. Oh my, why my head was so void at that moment.

I thought more debating would make people understand more, but it didn't seem to be true. So should I lie sometimes to protect someone from my real opinions? Is it right to do that to closest circle I have?


But for now, just simply think before speak, Mix.

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