Surround Yourself

Surround Yourself

There are many quotes that go with "Surround Yourself..." and something. I have read somewhere but I couldn't find what the quote exactly was, but it goes like "Surround yourself with the people you want to be".

And that is what my current situation is.

I have been working as a freelancer for Odd-e Thailand for around 2 - 3 months now. At the very beginning of deciding to be their freelancer, my decision was based on many things and one of them was learning as much as I am capable.

Now, I found myself within a group of people. People who believe in self-development, hard-practising and still happily doing those. People who obsess about quality of their works and wanted to improve them as much as they can. I found myself driven in the stream of endless learning and sharing. There are always things to be learnt and things to be mastered. There are always talented people, expertises in domains which I've never known about their existences.

The quote is quite correct.

These two or three months have been intense for good. I learnt plenty of things that I didn't have a chance to learn in school. And I hope that I will continue to be this dry sponge waited to absorb as much culture and knowledge as I can.

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