A Job That You Can Get Up Every Morning

A Job That You Can Get Up Every Morning

Frankly, there was once in my lifetime that I wanted to be something else. It was when my parents, especially my mum, wanted their children to be a doctor.

In Thailand, being anyone who literally help someone is such a noble person to be. Doctor is also one of careers that people "think" can make a lot of money. So, helping people and earning big money, who doesn't want to be, right? Thousands of students try every year to have a seat in fine academies of medicine.

I somehow have set my goal at being a doctor when I was in high school too. Even I've found computer stuffs very fascinated and fun.

Until I met this man Stefan one of my host dads. He was energetic as much as a 30s could be. Of course, I told him about my goals and he told me these lines I will never forget:

Think about a job that you can get up every morning without feeling bored. If any job makes you feel so different from that, don't do it.

It wasn't exactly like this but the context is right.

As I grow up, I am so certain that sentences above couldn't be applied to this real life. But it is a great thing to have some ideal cases in mind, isn't it?

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